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SCAM. Not paying. Cannot access website. Make a search before trying.
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5 Stars. Easy manual TE. Member for long time. One of best.
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Seems like a scam. Cannot access the site. Cannot find any relevant information from this year.
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NOT PAYING !!! AVOID !!! There is nothing. Cannot access the site. Found on net that is not licensed company.
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Redirects to other site. Content poor. Lots of ads.
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Learn the Secrets toTrading Online - Make Money Trading Online
Site is full of clickbank links. Nothing more. No content.
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Banners, banners and links to banners. Could not find content.
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APSense URL Shortener
Good tool to short links, count hits and refer. The option with choose Social toolbar or not was better.
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I joined this program a few days ago and so far, I really like it. The copy is good and the site has a unique selling proposition that makes it an easy sell.
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AdlandPro Custom Page
A good site to provide income from affiliate programs being offered.
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So far I am giving this program a thumbs up in all regards comparing it to the dozens of programs that I have personally been involved with over the last 7 years. Could it dissipate tomorrow of course but what could not this day in age? They are and have been working on this site since I joined. There is a lot to digest and a good sponsor is a lot of help to anyone joining. They also have a 24/7 conference room with live moderators who are very helpful.
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I am Going to be Honest with you folks this program will Get you no where its a way of someone building a Mailing list. Why would anyone in there right mind promote this I give it a Never will Launch
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AdlandPro Custom Page
the website is good and working well. and the rank of the site is also good in classified add sites.
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I am there for a long time. Good owner. Manual and auto TE, click section, referrals and referring page views contests.
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Easy. Newbie friendly. No 1 for easy slideshows.
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Great tool. Easy to use. Learning needed for great presentations.
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This is very fresh and new site, don't know a lot about it. But for music lovers is interesting, you can review new songs from anonymus or unknown artists and be paid for that. You can't become millionaire but you can train your writing skills and music knowledge.
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AdlandPro Custom Page
AdlandPro is very good website. You can maximize your website traffic and useful for any product. I like it.
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I have tried very hard to find something positive to say about this site; but there really isn't much. Theere are almost zero worthwhile clicks, especially for those who join for free. In fact it is fair to say that joining this site as a free member is quite literally, POINTLESS! The only good thing about this site is that the promotional banners are pleasant to look at. There are too few click opps, for too little money.
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AdlandPro Custom Page
Adland pro is a kind of basic service for all who start or try to start an online business. You can learn a lot how to prepare and share ads, you can setup your own customized page about your online business. Last but not least, you can earn commisions depends on your membership.
Mar 23rd 2012 18:39