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  • Trustworthiness: Below Average
  • Product Quality: Poor
  • Promotional Materials: Average
  • Website Looks: Below Average
  • Affiliate/Member Support: Average

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Reviewed by Tracy Carter Tracy Carter   
I feel that I've sen this ad be fore because they all seem to say the same thing.,a scenario that only works out on paper.
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  • Promotional Materials
Feb 16th 2014 08:09, 0 agrees, 0 disagrees  (I agree, I disgree)

Reviewed by Liker L. Liker L.   
The Traffic Source feature enables you to change what the target website sees as the traffic source / referrer for the visits coming from HitLeap. When you choose the Anonymous source for your website, there will be absolutely no information about the origin of the hits. It will be as if the visitors typed in the address of the promoted website directly into their browser. Google Analytics will show such hits as Direct hits. You can also choose to use a custom URL as the referring website. Thi
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Feb 16th 2014 06:05, 0 agrees, 0 disagrees  (I agree, I disgree)

Reviewed by Ancil Gathers Jr Ancil Gathers Jr   
first of all they say play for free.&50.00 a month is not for free. if you cant trust to tell the truth why would you give them that much money a month? so I say I think I will stake with the state where my money is safe at lease they don't say for free when it is not that is all I have to say. unclebubba77
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Feb 15th 2014 20:49, 0 agrees, 0 disagrees  (I agree, I disgree)

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