dynamiqueenterprises.co.za  (Rating: 3.4 / 5.0, 2 reviews)

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  • Trustworthiness: Very Good
  • Product Quality: Good
  • Promotional Materials: Very Good
  • Website Looks: Very Good
  • Affiliate/Member Support: Poor

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Reviews for dynamiqueenterprises.co.za (2)

Reviewed by Valentin V. Valentin V.   
We're very glad to have you on board the team and look forward to hearing your many success stories!
Valentin V. likes:
Nov 14th 2012 14:21, 0 agrees, 0 disagrees  (I agree, I disgree)

Reviewed by Angelique S. Angelique S.   
Dynamique Enterprises in conjunction with Dynamique Beauty and Dynamique Marketing, have all proven to deliver great ,and friendly service with guaranteed results to suit each individual. Unfortunitely there is no affiliate program
Angelique S. likes:
  • Trustworthiness
  • Product Quality
  • Promotional Materials
  • Website Looks
Nov 14th 2012 13:54, 0 agrees, 0 disagrees  (I agree, I disgree)

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