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Very unhappy with my purchase of a replacement pump unit. After numerous calls and emails over a period of 3 weeks, I have had NO replies or correspondence whatsoever from this Black Hole of an 'organization'. If I had to guess, they have 2 employees and operate out of the back of a warehouse somewhere. Adding insult is their return policy, which gives a refund (less 20% of course), only if the unit is returned within 3 days! I barely had time to make my 3rd support call before time was up
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I was dubious to sign up for MiNeeds because I've tried so many other lead generation websites. However, the leads I receive from MiNeeds are far and above higher quality than other sites I've tried. I'm a professional photographer, and so far the money I've made from customers on MiNeeds well justifies the cost of the monthly subscription. I've been very happy, and their customer support line is always helpful.
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They take your information and pushy. Before you know it you receive calls and emails. I found that after signing up I didn't feel like going through with the service. When I tried to cancel within the 24 hour window of time for 100% refund I found it impossible to complete the cancellation. If you miss their calls they can't be contacted w/ the number they provide. You only get representatives who take messages and nothing more. They make refunds impossible. Seems like a scam.
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Great website to connect with old friends and meet new people. Facebook just became a public traded company stock was around 33 dollars a share. If your not on Facebook yet i would be surprised. Admin of miami-water
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