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I recently purchased the Carol Burnett and Friends from website. The DVDs were delivered in a timely fashion. I tried to play each discs in our DVD player and was a bit disappointed because it was not high definition quality as I thought so. The quality is fine but not the best. I contacted the company immediately to file my complaint. They replied and clearly explained that what I received was a fan/collector’s edition as an official Studio release has not been out yet in the market. They tried to offer me a partial refund and keep the DVDs or to return the whole set for a refund less shipping charges. I choose the first option which is the partial refund because I have no more problem with the DVDs I received. It is watchable and the sound is clear. Also, the discs are playing in its entirety. I appreciate the refund and was grateful because they really know how to rectify the situation. Overall, it was really satisfying to deal with this company.
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It is the best anti virus system i have ever used. The product is reliable and also keep your system safe from the all types of virus.
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This network here is a very unique business platform, where individuals that are like minded can come and interact with each other to learn.The people on here are friendly and do not mind assisting you if you have an question about what your business is about.
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My experience with Femfessionals Miam is negative. They are greedy and have designed a pyramid scheme around networking. I would never endorse it. The leaders are very questionable.
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I know there products are popular. I have tried their antivirus programs and they slowed down my computer. Sorry.
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