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The question on the lips of most folks engaged in e-commerce and network marketing in the coming days ought to be: can this form of business and livelihood be trusted? What with the troubles of a major player like zeek and zeekrewards. Unfortunately, this is happening when we are discovering outlets like your to spread the e-commerce and network marketing word. Keep HOPE alive!
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rien de spécial, je n'ai fait encore aucune vente sur ce site, contrairement à PriceMinister !
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A very informative site. I visitied for the first time tonight and i like it. i will expend more time on it during the week to know better about it
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Facebook is the nice and great socialize site. Facebook in early 2006 does not have many members as it is today. Early feature is the main attraction of this social site is the chat feature that allows members to communicate. It is probably already owned by other social sites, but there are other things that are not less interesting, namely the feature to comment on the status of a person very easily.
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Great Social Media Site. People can get connected to thousand in million of ways.
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Employees who own Facebook shares are only able to watch at this point. Lockup expirations in October, November and December will allow Mr. Zuckerberg and other employees to sell more than 1.4 billion shares. The biggest lockup expiration, freeing more than one billion shares, is set for Nov. 14. The last lockup expires next May. For many employees, however, selling shares later this year may not be a palatable option. Facebook's stock has so far fallen about 48% since the IPO, pushing its mark
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Kitesman provides professional web designing and development services.
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Facebook is a great staple for a small business just starting out. Because of the abundance of member activity on facebook, the exposure to the small business owner's product is increased.
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Facebook is one of the quickly ways we have today to connect with people and organizations. I was contacted by someone from my past that find my info in facebook. it is great tool
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great informative site with great resources that have enabled me to make 4 figures each week
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Face book is one of the best networking sites for helping animals & the abuse, neglect & abandon around the world!
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Website is down and we do not know when it will come to life again - so lets hope everything will goes in right direction
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Facebook is awesome I have over 700 friends on it. Facebook helps me advertise business as well I would not give up my account for nothing.
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The best website to share a great earnings opportunity
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Facebook is a good social media site where you can share pic, video and chat with people from every country.............
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This is has been a great way for me to make money without even paying anything! Its an amazing site, it works, m happy with it so far!
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very good and informative site. I like the content and they are very helpful.
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This website is the perfect hub to get recognized among your clients and friends. This website has helped many small business to earn from online orders.
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very interesting and informative thanks for sharing
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As a Paid4Zero Member you can actually earn income 5 different ways (all with zero investment!). 1. When you cycle through the P4Z 2x3 Matrix 2. When you re-cycle through the P4z Matrix 3. You will earn matching bonuses when you personally sponsor someone who cycles 4. Earn matching bonuses each time your personally sponsored members recycle 5. Earn credits for reading ads (and other activities). Credits can be redeemed for cash or advertising.
Aug 17th 2012 04:57