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Here twitter is a social site where to write there feelings ........i would like to post tweets very much.
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Facebook is a nice social network.A lot of people join this site and meet friends that they have never seen this long while. They even find their families.
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Possibility to create a website for free, the tools available.
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Not really bad,i like the easy access and navigate on the website
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Twitter is the best social media site. I like to read & write tweets.
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Good Social Network site.Its very easy to use by anyone.
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excelente oportunidade para participarmos de um site social totalmente voltado para a comunidade comercial e pessoal !
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Excellent social website i like twitter and make post there weekly. I like it too much
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AboutThe idea for the project came about as the result of the 58th Bilderberg meeting (Sitges, Spain 3-6 June 2010) where, as part of the conference, the problems of social networks, science and cyber-techology, the Global crisis and other important topics were discussed. The idea of using distributed processing to completely change the current deplorable state of affairs in the scientific realm was discussed in at a small round table. The ideological foundation of our project was laid down in lobbies, and later it was further built upon by a seperate group of participants. Today the project is prepared to expand the borders of possibility, give humanity a chance to rapidly progress forward, finance innovative developments, and support cutting edge and practical scientific work. The possibilities of our super-computer are limitless. Its scale is unprecedented, and via good management it will lack ideological prejudices. And for the future, it will help to usher in a new Digital World Order, that has never before been seen, one that is timeless and uninfluenced by current prejudices.
Jun 10th 2013 20:16